Fujifilm FinePix S6500fd: with Face Detection for photos your friends and family will be proud of

Fujifilm is pleased to announce the launch of the FinePix S6500fd, featuring LSI based new Face Detection technology, for users who want the shooting options of a digital SLR with the ease of use traditionally found in compact digital cameras. With Fujifilm’s 6th generation 6 megapixel Super CCD and Real Photo Processor II, achieving ISO 3200 sensitivity at full resolution, the FinePix S6500fd delivers stunning photographs, with no fuss.

Putting people first

Fujifilm’s Face Detection technology means the FinePix S6500fd can identify up to ten faces in a frame and automatically optimise settings for perfectly sharp, natural looking people pictures. Wherever a face appears in the frame, irrespective of portrait or landscape composition, the camera recognises it as the primary subject. It sets focus and exposure leaving the person behind the camera to concentrate on getting the best pose from their subjects.

In an camera industry first Fujifilm has built LSI Face Detection into the FinePix S6500fd’s processor, spelling the end for frustrating missed photo opportunities. It enables the camera to capture those all-important moments with split second accuracy (0.04-0.05 seconds); faster than in competing models where the technology is supported in software only. In playback Face Detection can be used to maintain faces as the key focus of a photo when cropping or zooming in.

High ISO for the most sensitive photography

Most photographers find that the hardest images to get right are those in low light, when the subject is in the foreground; but research has shown this is when most photographs get taken. (Fujifilm consumer research) Where people are concerned use of automatic flash often over-exposes the face whilst rendering the background barely visible. Fujifilm’s latest digital cameras combat this with leading High ISO sensitivity for low light, flash free photography without compromise on resolution, image blur or noise levels. The FinePix S6500fd is no exception, with class-leading ISO 100-3200 sensitivity that, combined with Face Detection, produces focused, natural looking people pictures every time.

The FinePix S6500fd also utilises Fujifilm’s Intelligent Flash system to automatically determine flash power output and exposure, for flash photography that achieves both natural looking skin tones and clear background exposure. Furthermore, Fujifilm’s ‘Natural Light & Flash’ Dual Shot mode takes two shots in quick succession; one with flash, and one without, then displays them side-by-side for on-the-spot comparison.

Precision photographs

The FinePix S6500fd incorporates a Fujinon 28-300mm zoom lens with twist barrel zoom control, enabling precision adjustments to focal length. Furthermore, the fixed lens covers all major focal lengths, for flexible shooting without the need for investment in several lenses. It also bypasses the risk of dust collecting on the camera’s sensor, a common problem in DSLR photography, which hobbyist photographers may not want to contend with. The optional Wide-Converter Lens will push the S6500fd’s shooting range even more widely with starting from 22.4mm (35mm equivalent).

The camera’s High ISO sensitivity (up to IS3200) has the added benefit of combating image-blur, which can be caused by camera-shake or fast moving subjects. This would enable the photographer to take blur-free images even at ultra long zoom, typically for in-door sport photography, which demand the fast shutter speed and high sensitivity. So wherever the subject, and whatever the time of day, the FinePix S6500fd produces stunning results with no fuss.

The camera’s High-Speed Shooting Mode produces high-speed focusing and impressive shutter lag of 0.035 seconds which beats most of digital SLR cameras. In addition, its 0.8-second start up time gives users near instant response so that spontaneous shots and unexpected action need never be missed.

The FinePix S6500fd features a 2.5" LCD screen and high-resolution electronic viewfinder – giving the user the choice of how to best compose their photos. It features 30 fps VGA movie mode, with sound and manual zoom capability – a function which cannot be incorporated into a DSLR due to the physical design of the camera.