Fujifilm expands FinePix range with new high sensitivity compact digital camera: FinePix F20

The camera’s ISO 100-2000 sensitivity delivers detailed, natural looking photographs with no need for flash even in very low light.

The FinePix F20 sleek, lightweight proportions belie its technology heavy specifications and leave other ‘style’ compacts in the dark. Featuring Fujifilm’s 6th generation 6.3 megapixel Super CCD, Real Photo Processor II and ISO 100-2000 sensitivity, it delivers images that remain sharp and natural in bright sunshine, low light or with fast moving subjects. Fujifilm’s Real Photo Technology cameras are among the only digital compact cameras to deliver high ISO at full resolution. This means there’s no need for a trade off between high-quality, low light photography, and potential print size.

For flash photography, the FinePix F20’s iFlash intelligent flash system automatically sets power output and exposure for balanced results, combining natural foreground illumination with optimum background exposure. Furthermore, its innovative ‘Natural Light & Flash’ Dual Shot mode takes two shots in quick succession; one with flash, and one without, then displays them side-by-side for on-the-spot comparison.

With one-touch Anti-Blur Mode, 14 scene positions, beach, snow and fireworks, and 300 shot battery life, the FinePix F20 will be a constant companion; producing photographs of stunning quality no matter where you take it.

FinePix F20 features at a glance

– 6th generation Super CCD 6.3 million pixels

– Real Photo (RP) Processor II

– ISO 2000 sensitivity at full resolution on Anti-Blur Mode and Natural Light Mode (on Auto and Manual Mode only up to ISO1600)

– Anti-Blur Button to set high shutter speed to reduce the risk of blury images

– ‘Natural Light & Flash’ Dual Shot mode

– 3.0 x optical zoom

– Long-life battery (up to 300 shots)

– VGA movie capture of 30 frames per second with sound

– PictBridge compatible for direct printing without a PC

– Quick response times (0.01 second shutter lag and 1.4 second start-up)