Fujifilm exhibits collaboration corner with Noritsu at Photokina 2006

The two companies have agreed to form a global alliance in the field of photofinishing in March 2006, and their initial engagement will be in a global collaboration with regards to the development of Digital Minilab products and after sales services. It will be possible for both companies to develop Digital Minilabs with higher quality in an efficient manner by fusing technologies that have been nurtured over the years, which will result in the provision of services of a higher dimension to customers. For retailers, the two will be able to offer proposals for further improved convenient use of Digital Minilabs. Furthermore, both companies aim to establish an enhanced and efficient after sales service system through cooperative efforts in the field of after sales services for Digital Minilab systems.

In the collaboration corner at Fujifilm booth, Fujifilm will exhibit following products of Noritsu:

1. Compact reasonably Priced Digital Minilab QSS-3501i

2. Wide format silver halide Printer Processor LPS-4PRO

Fujifilm and Noritsu Koki will provide a variety of solutions in the world of imaging, which is expected to show enhanced growth in the future. In addition, they will contribute to the further development of the culture of photography by fusing and evolving technologies in the field of photofinishing.