Fujifilm Establishes Fujifilm Drug Discovery Research Laboratories

Research focus of the new Laboratories will initially center on oncology, including small molecular drugs discovery and DDS (Drug that incorporates the technology to effectively deliver itself to targeted areas. DDS = Drug Delivery System) utilizing FTD technology. Fujifilm’s proprietary technology nurtured in the development of photographic film and other products. It involves formulating desired chemicals and delivering them to targeted sites in appropriate levels and at appropriate times by means of emulsification, dispersion, nanoparticles, nanocapsule formation and porous & multilayer thin films, etc.) It is crucial to fuse the design of new chemical entities (Compound that works on disease-causing elements (drug discovery target)) with analytical technologies for pharmacokinetics (Technology to analyze how an administered drug is absorbed, distributed through human tissues, metabolized and excreted.) and imaging-based pharmacology in oncology drug discovery. Fujifilm’s technological strength in organic synthesis, analysis, and imaging will fully be utilized to promote drug discovery research in oncology, while initiating regenerative medicine as key a growing filed. To this end, the company has decided to bring together its diverse technological expertise and researchers in pharmacology, biochemistry, organic synthesis, analysis and FTD technology, previously based in diverse locations over a wide area, in its quest to develop candidate drugs.

Identifying the medical imaging & life science business as a key growth area, the Fujifilm Group is seeking to provide comprehensive "prevention, diagnosis and treatment" as a general healthcare company. In relation to the area of "treatment", the Group has already expanded its business by grouping Fujifilm RI Pharma as a pioneer company with many years of performance in radiopharmaceuticals, Toyama Chemicals with excellent drug discovery capability, and Perseus Proteomics, a drug discovery bio-venture, which holds outstanding proprietary technologies of developing antibodies. A wide range of technologies within the Fujifilm Group , and more than 200,000 types of chemical compounds and the state-of the art material sciences nurtured in photographic product development will fully be used for pharmaceutical product development. Fujifilm will continue to leverage its advanced proprietary technologies and rich experience to deliver optimum solutions, and to further improve people’s quality of life, company said.