Fujifilm announced earnings forecast for fiscal year ending March 31, 2009

The nine-month revenue dropped 10.9 percent to Yen 1.9 trillion (Euro 16,3 billion), and operational profit plunged 53.6 percent year-on-year to yen 82.5 billion (Euro 708.6 million). Net profit for the period fell 71.6 percent to Yen 29.45 billion (Euro 252.9 million).

Sales of the Imaging Solution business dropped 24.2 percent to Yen 336.4 billion (Euro 2.88 billion) with an operational loss of Yen 7.9 billion (Euro 67.8 million). Color film sales were down 36 percent to Yen 39.7 billion (Euro 340.9 million). Down 24 percent were color paper and chemical sales at Yen 78.6 billion (Euro 675.1 million). Minilab sales fell 18 percent to Yen 23.6 billion (US$202.7), and finishing services were down 22 percent at Yen 59.5 billion (Euro 510.9 million). Sales of digital cameras were down 25 percent to Yen 102.9 billion (Euro 850.350 million). Global sales of digital cameras hit 6.7 million units, about same as the previous year, but selling prices dropped significantly, affecting the revenue.

Information Solution business sales dropped 9.7 percent to Yen 737.9 billion (Euro 6.3 billion) with operational profit of Yen 34.4 billion (Euro 295.5 million), a 67.1 percent fall. Document Solution segment posted a 5.3 percent decline in sales to Yen 829.9 billion (Euro 7.1 billion) and a 2.9 percent drop in operational profit to Yen 58.9 billion (Euro 505.8 million).

Fujifilm also forecast its group net profit for its full fiscal year ending March 31 to drop 90 percent year-on-year to Yen10 billion (Euro 85.8 million). Earlier, the company forecast a 23 percent drop to Yen 80 billion (Euro 687.2 million). Fujifilm now sees sales dipping 15 percent to Yen 2.43 trillion (Euro 20.8 billion) and expects operating profit to fall 86 percent to Yen 30 billion (Euro 257.7 million), Yen 130 billion (Euro 1.11 billion) short of its earlier projection.