Fujifilm acquires Avecia‘s inkjet business

Avecia was founded in 1999 as part of a buyout of the former Zeneca Specialties business from AstraZeneca. The inkjet business achieved sales of more than 70 million Pounds Sterling (forecast) in 2005 and employs 340 people. It operates two manufacturing plants (one in the U.K., one in the U.S.) and a research center in the U.K.

The acquisition complements Fujifilms‘s expertise in the fine chemistry field, where the company has accumulated sophisticated know-how in silver halide photography, printing and medical X-ray film. It has applied this technical expertise to the development and commercialization of various functional materials such as Fujitac, WV film, DVD dye, and Color Resist for Liquid Crystal Displays. This acquisition will enable Fujifilm to effectively use the product platforms, production facilities and established sales channels developed by Avecia. By integrating its own synthetic chemicals technology, dispersive technology, and raw materials technology with Avecia’s inkjet production technology, Fujifilm intends to develop inkjet materials with high durability and other superior characteristics.