Fujichrome T64 Professional —Next Generation Tungsten Film Provides Pure, Accurate Color and Excellent Highlight Details —

Tungsten-type reversal films are used for commercial shots, primarily of luxury products such as jewelry, furniture and interior décor that requires stringent standards for texture and color reproduction. Like the highly acclaimed Fujichrome Velvia 100F and ASTIA 100F, the Fujichrome T64 Professional incorporates Fujifilm’s proprietary MSSC (Multi-Structured Sigma Crystal) and MCCL (Multi-Color-Correction Layer) technologies to deliver ultra-fine grain and hue fidelity that rank among the best in the world. The result is an accurate reproduction of the delicate differences in color tone and texture of jewelry and other items that was difficult in the past. Its smooth tonal characteristics renders natural, rich gradation and a continuous gray balance from highlights to shadows. Photographers will be able to freely reproduce their vision of the subtle tones required in tungsten photography, and to particularly capture the beauty of highlighted portions in smooth gradation. Fujichrome T64 Professional will be showcased at the Fujifilm Photokina 2006 booth.

Fujichrome T64 Professional Features:

1. Excellent Descriptive Powers Ideal for Commercial Photography

Smooth, natural gradation-Fujichrome T64 Professional has been optimized to yield rich, natural tones and continuous gray balance for smooth, accurate reproduction of subtle gradation from highlights to shadows under delicate tungsten lighting.

Excellent color fidelity-Fujichrome T64 Professional delivers one of the highest levels of hue fidelity, making this film ideal for stringent color reproduction.

Ultra-fine grain-Fujichrome T64 Professional achieves one of the highest levels of ultra-fine grain with an RMS granularity of 7*, giving it an impressive ability to express delicate textures, dimensions and subtle gradations.

Color image performance-Incorporation of next-generation color couplers gives Fujichrome T64 Professional significantly improved color image stability and resistance to fading compared to earlier generation color reversal films.

Long exposure compensation-Fujichrome T64 Professional offers superb long exposure performance. No exposure compensation or color balance corrections against reciprocity law failure** are needed for exposures from 1/125 second to 2 minutes.

Superb push/pull processing suitability – Fujichrome T64 Professional exhibits minimal variation in color and gradation during push/pull processing over a range of -1/2 to +1 stop, providing an expanded range of photo taking opportunities, while also facilitating fine adjustments in exposure and density during processing.

* RMS (Root mean square) granularity: Widely used standard for measuring the degree of grain in photographic films and prints. The lower the RMS number, the smaller the apparent grain.

** Reciprocity law failure: Loss in the sensitivity and color imbalance of the film caused by a prolonged exposure, which leads to underexposure if the image is taken without exposure compensations.

2. Long-Term Stable Storage Characteristics

Fujichrome T64 Professional incorporates next-generation color couplers for significantly improved long-term color image stability. Change in gradation balance is kept to a minimum, maintaining excellent image quality over time.

Technologies Incorporated in Fujichrome T64 Professional:

1. MCCL (Multi-Color Correction Layer) Technology

Fujichrome T64 Professional features multi-color correcting layers incorporating the green and red color-correcting layers that are most effective in tungsten photography. Combined with optimized spectral sensitivity, this technology enables the film to reproduce colors close to those perceived by the human eye.

2. MSSC (Multi-Structured Sigma Crystal) Technology

Using MSSC, Fujichrome T64 Professional achieves one of the highest levels of ultra-fine grain in the world (RMS: 7).

3. PSHC (Pure, Stable and High-performance Dye-forming Coupler) Technology

– Fujichrome T64 Professional incorporates the same high-color formation yellow, magenta and cyan couplers used in ASTIA 100F and Velvia 100F to realize extremely pure color formation capability.

– These next-generation couplers provide astonishingly high image performance (coloring agent durability), yielding an amazing preservation performance of approximately 100 years* in dark, indoor storage at 25°C/70% humidity.

* By Fujifilm laboratory test