Fabian Prudhomme appointed new Vice President for Enfocus

Fabian Prudhomme (39), who will become Vice President of Enfocus, has successfully led EskoArtwork’s consulting services since 4 years helping customers work smarter, more cost effectively and with increased speed and productivity. Fabian Prudhomme brings a wealth of experience as CEO, business unit manager, strategic business planner and project manager in various high tech and software related industries, both in Belgium and in the US.

“I am thrilled to take on this new challenge,” said Prudhomme. “My experience in the software and the consulting business has provided me with good insight into how an effective workflow should be structured. Enfocus has a great set of tools that streamline many different work processes and provide error free output. I’m honored to continue Peter’s life work and to further build on the foundations he laid for the company and the industry over the years.”

Peter Camps joined EskoArtwork in March 2008 when the company acquired Gradual Software. As CEO of Enfocus, Peter pioneered the establishment of PDF as the standard format for interfile exchange through the many PDF tools Enfocus has brought to market. Under his leadership last year, Enfocus successfully introduced PitStop Extreme, a stand-alone high-efficiency PDF editor, enabling quick checking and correcting even the most complex PDF files.

Fabian Prudhomme will be supported in the Enfocus management team by; Elli Cloots, Director of Services; Saskia Desmet, Director of Sales; Filiep Maes, Director of Software Development and David van Driessche, Marketing Director.