Eye-Fi announces video uploads from wireless card

"Some memories are better captured on video. As a parent, I love to shoot videos of my kids and share them with friends and relatives across the globe," said Ziv Gillat, co-founder and vice president of business development for Eye-Fi. "The old way of carrying around a separate device and manually uploading video files to my computer and then to the Web is a hassle. Eye-Fi does it in one simple step so I can share my memories in near real time."

The 4GB Eye-Fi Share Video and Eye-Fi Explore Video cards can upload photos and videos directly to the computer and to one of more than 25 online photo and video sharing sites. The Eye-Fi Explore Video card automatically geotags photos and videos with location information about where the moment was captured, and offers hotspot access from more than 10,000 Wayport and open hotspot locations in the United States to upload away from home. New Eye-Fi wireless SD memory cards are now available at various locations nationwide for an MSRP of $79 (4GB Eye-Fi Share Video) and $99 (4GB Eye-Fi Explore Video).