Enfocus releases update 1 for PitStop Connect 09

PitStop Connect 09 – released in May 2010 – makes it easy for creative professionals to deliver perfect PDFs, even for people who don’t have technical knowledge. The tool enables printers and publishers to create Connectors containing PDF specifications for preflight and delivery specifications. It can also be used to deliver other document formats – such as JPEGs or TIFFs – automatically via FTP to the receiving site or directly into an Enfocus Switch automated workflow, in that case no preflight is done.

The Connectors can be branded for designer/creative professional customers and will only deliver files to the owner of the Connector who set it up. Once a Connector is created, printers and publishers can distribute it without incurring additional costs to as many creative professionals as needed, either via an FTP site or by posting the Connector on a website. The Connectors are free for the creative professional.