Eastman Kodak terminates Olympic sponsorship

According to a press release, Kodak will fully participate as a TOP sponsor through the 2008 Beijing Games. These include operating a 20,000-square-foot Kodak Image Center for accredited photojournalists to process, edit, and upload their photos of Olympic athletes; a polyclinic for diagnostic imaging and treatment of athletes’ injuries; and accreditation badging for thousands of Olympic participants, families, volunteers, guests, journalists and officials.

“The Olympic Games and the International Olympic Committee have played a major role for Kodak historically, helping us to showcase products, innovations, and services,” said Elizabeth Noonan, Kodak’s Director, Brand Management.

“As we complete the transformation of Kodak, it makes sense for us to take a new direction,” Noonan said. “Digital technology changes everything, including the way we market our products and services. Our new business strategy requires us to reassess our marketing tactics as well, and adapt them to changing market conditions and evolving customer behavior.”