Durst Theta 76R LED Roll Printer Replaces the Venerable Epsilon Plus, Features New Front-End Software

The new Durst Theta 76R LED Photo Printer, which replaces the Epsilon Plus and features a newly designed, easy-to-use front-end operating system and other improvements, is being exhibited here this week at photokina by Durst Phototechnik AG.

The Theta 76R features 254-ppi, continuous-tone exposure via Durst’s proprietary fiber-optic LED technology on RA4 reflective and backlit photographic media. The printer can create images up to 30 inches wide and 279 feet long, making it ideal for high-production labs that sell a variety of print sizes, including wedding and family portraits, panoramics and other large-format images, Durst said.

"With our new Theta 76R, Durst is continuing to meet the need for high-quality images and productive roll-to-roll printing in an updated, versatile, easy-to-operate LED imaging platform," said A. Ron Waters, President and CEO of Durst U.S. "While professional imaging heads in many different directions, we’ll provide the most productive, reliable, always-improving photo printers as long as labs want them."

A new front-end operating interface provides features and advantages not found on the Epsilon Plus, Durst said. They include:

soft-proofing with on-screen correction

color management for ICC conversion of TIFF and JPEG file formats

free image cropping and 90-degree image rotation

highly functional and versatile autospooling

Fotoba autonesting software featuring Trim Marks, IndexPrint and other options

The Theta 76R accommodates roll media widths between 12 inches and 30 inches and provides outstanding print size flexibility, Durst said. It has a linear speed of about 16 inches per minute, and a printing capacity of nearly 200 square feet per hour. A multi-tasking capability allows for continuous printing while queuing new jobs to provide optimal productivity.

The Theta 76R LED Photo Printer is available now in North America, and Durst U.S. is now taking orders for delivery in the fourth quarter.