Delkin Devices launches VideoPro Card Line for digital camcorders

The number of flash-enabled camcorders, point and shoots, and digital SLRs with HD recording capabilities continues to increase in popularity. Delkin’s VideoPro cards with the enhanced speed in recording HD and the card-to-computer transfer times are striking, and benefit photographers and videographers in the field now. Delkin’s VideoPro cards, when used with the company’s ExpressCard adapters or USB 2.0 readers, dramatically reduce the time needed to download digital video files to a computer. The difference may be a critical time saver as file sizes for video and images continues to increase.

Delkin’s VideoPro memory card line combines high speed and high capacity with reliability. This is accomplished by using high grade SLC NAND flash products, advanced controller design, and quality control guidelines based on ISO:9001 standards. The company has supported Lifetime warranties on its memory products for over 20 years, while maintaining its place at the cutting edge of performance