De Vere 504 DS digital enlarger

The enlarger is based around an eight million pixel unit using PhotoShop-based DMD software that creates a virtual negative and projects the digital file onto

photographic paper giving a real image. A new multiple exposure light source gives an extremely fast exposing time, relative to normal color enlargement work. Normal sizing and focusing is carried out in the darkroom, or files can be created outside the darkroom and fed through the enlarger. When used with a roll easel, multiple printing tasks can be undertaken.

The software is user-friendly, is multi-tasking, orders can be queued, package printing is part of the system and software can be tailored to individual requirements. This unit opens up a whole new area of digital printing for busy photolabs, individual units, minilabs, and for those wishing to get into digital printing but have a very varied range and size of work to cope with.