CULLMANN Photography and Video Bags, Backpacks, Cases and Aluminum Laptop Cases, IT and TC Cases

The high-quality materials are selected and processed according to strict quality requirements. They offer the best in functionality and optimum protection for photography equipment. Special padding of the interior and exterior materials ensures impact-safety and comfort when carrying the bags.

CULLMANN photography and video bags are available in an enormous diversity of sizes, features and designs, and they meet the greatest variety of demands. The removable, variable interior compartmental dividers of the bags, cases and backpacks create more flexibility, order and safety for the equipment. This extensive product line has the right bag for every application location and every target group. The carrying comfort of the bags is persuasive. They have a very low weight of their own, and can be carried comfortably on the belt or with the padded shoulder strap.

Photography and Video Bags: Trento, Faro, 2in1, Ultralight, Leather Granada, Leather Klassik, Leather Elegance

Photography Backpacks: Trento Daypack/IT, Faro Explorer/IT, Ranger Comfort, Ranger de Luxe, Mini Carrier

Photography Cases: Nabucco

Aluminum Laptop Cases: Top

IT/TC Cases: Faro