Cruse announces new tabletop scanners

Sizes will range from CS 75 (with a 16.5” x 23” scan table) to CS 145 (with a 33” x 46.5” scan table), and each model line will be available with a wide range of accessories.

Pricing and availability have not yet been finalized, but

the company expects the tabletop versions to sell for “between US-$ 25,000 and US-$ 55,000, depending upon size, resolution and accessories ordered”. First production shipments are expected in Q2 2003.

All tabletop versions will be available in fixed resolution or variable resolution versions, further broadening the appeal of these scanners. Variable resolution models will be aimed at giclee printers, which will scan a wide range of originals. Fixed resolution models are aimed at the quick print market, where 300 dpi resolution is more than sufficient. Other new scanner models are expected to be announced in the coming months.