Crown Digital Phototainer digital storage device

Featuring large storage capacity, a 3.5“ viewing screen and a stylish control pad, the unit is capable at storing and playing up to 6,000 compressed audio files. It can also be used as an external hard driver or back-up for a PC via its USB 2.0 interface, and transfers images, data and music at speeds up to 480 mbps. It directly supports Compact Flash Type I and II and IBM Microdrive. It will also support other formats such as SmartMedia, Memory Stick, SD and MMC with an optional adapter.

With the control pad the user can easily change the image, zoom in, zoom out and scroll around. The Phototainer has also a slide show function, making it easy to share images with others without touching a PC. A built-in rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery keeps the cost of batteries down.

Last but not least, the Phototainer is also an MP3 player. Unlike conventional MP3 players, it is possible to store more than 6,000 compressed audio files on the Phototainer. As with digital images, different play modes and music selection are easily controlled from the user-friendly screen display and control pad.