Citizen warns against unauthorized hardware modifications

Citizen Systems Europe has issued a warning to its customers that an unauthorized hardware updates being offered to owners and operators of the popular Citizen CY-02 photo printer. In a cautionary statement, the printer manufacturer advises all users of its products that any updates not communicated through official Citizen channels are not authentic and are not authorized by the company. If accepted, users risk affecting their official manufacturer warranty conditions and a potential loss of overall performance.

According to the company, Citizen CY-02 photo printer owners have been promised to “upgrade” machines, utilizing a new “high-speed” media. To avoid any problems, Citizen advises users to be aware of the following key points:

Any unofficial update will invalidate user’s official Citizen warranty conditions.

Printers with unauthorized updates will no longer accept genuine Citizen media.

Altered Printers will not be capable of running the popular and free Print Manager software.

Citizen cannot be responsible for any fluctuations in print performance users may experience from utilising third-party media.

Citizen Printers are tuned to run at optimal performance with genuine Citizen media.

Official Citizen Systems’ hardware and software will give the best results for the global community of loyal owners and operators, the company said. Any modification would invalidate your official Citizen warranty and may cause technical issues. Photo printers are one of Citizen Systems’ key strategic product ranges. Genuine Citizen CY media is not being upgraded or discontinued. Citizen Photo printer owners and operators are advised to contact their local Official Photo Reseller Partner with any queries and for any further information.