Change at the helm of Fujifilm

The company’s President, Shigetaka Komori (below), who was Managing Director of Fuji Photo Film (Europe) GmbH until April 2000, has been appointed new CEO of Fujifilm. Yasuo Tanaka, Senior Executive Vice President of Fujifilm and Head of the company’s U.S. operations also has the right to represent the company. Masayuki Muneyuki, who was most recently Vice Chairman of Fuji Photo Film Co., has been appointed Chairman of Fuji Photo Optical Co. Norihiko Kato, Corporate Officer and General Manager of Fujifilm’s Electronic Imaging Division has become President of Fuji Micro Device, Fujifilm’s affiliated company producing digital components, including CCDs.

During his more than two decades at the helm of Fujifilm, Minoru Ohnishi became a living legend in the photo and imaging industry. Under his leadership, the company more than quadrupled its annual sales, reaching a volume of ¥ 2.5 trillion in the last fiscal year. He succeeded in increasing Fujifilm’s market share in Europe and the U.S. as well as building up a dominant position in the Japanese domestic market, where Fujifilm now has a market share in the film business of nearly 70 percent. Since the mid 90s, Fujifilm followed Minoru Ohnishi’s strategy of building up a strong position in the rapidly growing digital camera market.