CeWe Color supports "2009 City of Science" activity

The year of the "City of Sciences" has been opened and at the same time so has the ambitious project to get Oldenburg into the Guinness Book of Records. CeWe Color intends to produce a monumental CeWe Photo Book with the best photos of the "tomorrow" city events. To make sure that the entry in the book of peak performances actually does materialise, Thomas Grunau, Marketing Director with CeWe Color, makes it quite clear that the size of the photo book has not yet been conclusively decided on. "We are going to wait long enough before taking a final decision on the size of the book in order to make sure that no competitor snatches the entry in the Guinness Book of Records away from us."

In order to make sure that Oldenburg is really accorded this honour, CeWe Color and its partners EWE-Tel and Offis rely on the active support of all the visitors to the events, since it is the visitors themselves who supply the photo material to be used to produce the giant photo book. Anyone taking photos at the numerous events around the "tomorrow city" activity can upload them into the official gallery of the City of Science at www.uebermorgenfotobuch.de to be a part of the attempt to break the record.