CeWe Color focuses on interactive future research

CeWe Color, together with the Offis Institute and EWE TEL, wants to use the year as "2009 City of Science" not only to intensify research into the preferences of photographic consumers – in terms of technical penchants and photographic behaviour, but also to set new trends through competent high-tech research. Dr. Rainer Fageth, Director withCeWe Color Holding AG with responsibility for Technology, Research and Development, expects that the project will reveal "important insights into which target group prefers digital cameras or mobile phone cameras, how many photos are transferred direct from a mobile phone camera or are firstly stored on A PC". To this end, CeWe Color in cooperation with the Oldenburg OFFIS Institute, will analyse all the photos which are uploaded at www.uebermorgenfotobuch.de by the end of the year. Our telecommunications partner EWE TEL will ensure a trouble-free transfer of data. They will make sure that all data is collected centrally in Oldenburg. In order to guarantee a perfect order process, also in the future, the Photo Book software will be continually updated.

CeWeColor has always focused on research into new trends. Findings that the company gains from such analyses are impressive and benefit customers direct. Today, if you create a CeWe Fotobuch, the software assistant is able to automatically select photos according to their quality and theme, and to sort them out effectively in terms of image characteristics such as contrast, colour and resolution. CeWeColor is also very interested in information about the proportion of photos which are already provided with GPS information. With the help of this feature the thematic grouping of the photos can be carried out far more precisely.