Canon U.S.A. launches the "Your Second Shot" PowerShot Ad Campaign

Many people encounter the issue of unclear, blurry photographs in dimly-lit settings, or darkened backgrounds and overexposed subjects when using a flash. In providing a solution to this problem, Canon advocates the HS System; a technology used to enhance image quality in low light situations without the need for a flash. To promote this technology, Canon is helping real people recapture their lost moments with the Your Second Shot campaign. Correlating the importance of the HS System to a real-life experience, the campaign tells the story of Sofia and Dan, a young couple who traveled to Barcelona to capture a photograph at the café where Sofia’s parents first met. Due to poor lighting conditions, their photograph was distorted and their memory went undocumented. For the Your Second Shot commercial, Canon took the couple back to the magical city to recapture their moment and recreate their entire trip. All of their recaptured photographs were taken with Canon’s HS System-enabled PowerShot digital cameras. The campaign’s new commercial was shot entirely with Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II Digital SLR camera and EF lenses. Beginning today, the campaign can be seen on television, in print and online.

"Life’s magical moments are rarely planned and it is during those unplanned times that camera technology and image quality are at their most important. The Canon HS System is designed specifically to capture clear, vivid photographs in any situation, especially low-light, when those moments happen," said Yuichi Ishizuka, executive vice president and general manager, Consumer Imaging Group, Canon U.S.A.

In line with the Your Second Shot ad campaign, Canon will also give a New York City band the opportunity to re-shoot their most memorable performance that was previously captured through an unimpressive photo. Restoring the band’s unforgettable experience, elements from the original photograph will be reproduced and captured on a Canon HS System-enabled digital camera. The re-created performance will take place at the Morrison Hotel Gallery located in the historic CBGB Gallery in New York, where select guests will be able to enjoy the band’s performance and see first-hand, the advantages of the Canon HS System.

Consumers are also encouraged to enter to win a Canon PowerShot Digital camera through the Take Your Best Shot online sweepstakes. From October 4 to October 31, 2010, consumers can log on to the Canon Your Second Shot website and each week, a winner will be announced and rewarded with a Canon PowerShot camera prize. To potentially inspire the next Canon commercial, consumers can also send their missed moment stories to the Canon website. For more information, please visit