Canon Europe announces new brand strategy in EMEA

Operating in over 110 countries in EMEA, it is essential that Canon is united by a single understanding and consistent communication of the company’s core brand. Building on its global competence for imaging technology and centred around bringing the Power of Image to life, the strategy is a long-term investment to further align the business, including internal and external communications across the region.

The new strategy will also help build the company’s employer brand status and ensure a more efficient use of brand resources. Canon is enhancing the visual association of the brand by launching a new ‘frame’ device, which will tie together all advertising and communication collateral with a consistent identity.

The decision to refresh Canon Europe’s brand strategy was taken after careful consideration of research studies, which revealed that although Canon has very high brand recognition, customers are keen to learn more about the brand and form a stronger relationship with the company. The revised strategy was developed by an internal marketing stakeholder group with members from across the EMEA region.

James Leipnik, Chief of Communication and Corporate Relations, Canon Europe, Middle East and Africa said, "There is no doubt that Canon is a powerful brand across EMEA, however we now need to take this further, informing our customers, partners and employees about the catalyst behind everything that we do – our passion for the Power of Image."

"The frame device is a key element of our new brand strategy and demonstrates the importance of imaging to Canon. We want it to become inseparable from the company’s identity so that people will instantly recognise Canon in all our communication across the EMEA region", continued Leipnik.

Canon will continue to use its pan-European brand platform You Can, which is designed to inspire and encourage customers and stakeholders to explore their creativity and be empowered by Canon’s technology.