Camera strap for fast access

Since the shoulder pad is made of super elastic neoprene, it takes on a form perfectly matched to the wearer’s shoulder and acts as a shock absorber at the same time.

The strap is easily attached to a threaded plate on the tripod socket of the camera and can go from carrying position to the desired shooting position in a flash without having to move the entire camera strap. The cable is able to slide over the continuously adjustable safety strap, which can reach a maximum length of 150 cm, using the “Slider”. This also allows it to be fixed at any point with one motion by using the slider brake. The 360 rotary connection allows the camera to be turned while still attached to the strap.

The 3-point safety lock, which can only be opened by pressing three buttons simultaneously, allows the user to simply remove the camera from the strap and fasten it to a tripod using the B ¼" thread that is integrated into the camera plate. So that that memory cards and other accessories are always within reach, an accessory pocket has been built into the front side of the strap.