broncolor Verso A4 RFS – ultimate versatility in

A lot of energy perfectly distributed and no waiting time…

The Verso A4 puts out a total of 2400 J – lots of light output for practically any photographic requirement. The two individually (asymmetrically) controllable channels with three lamp outlet connections offer all the conveniences required for the composition of light. The output range is no less than a total of seven f-stops.

When operating the Verso A4 for instance on 230 V mains power it charges to full capacity in 0,3 – 1,7 seconds. Particularly in fashion photography it saves a lot of time, and every flash has absolutely identical brightness!! When using with the battery package broncolor Power Dock, the charging time increases to a quick 0,3 – 3,2 seconds.

… in addition, remarkably short flash times on mains power or battery

The shortness of the flash duration is equally impressive: even at full power (2400 J) the flash discharge lasts no longer than 1 / 750 s (t.05). Reducing the output by two

f-stops (setting 8 / 600 J) yields a flash time of only

1 / 1700 s (t.05). With the lamp base Pulso Twin the flash duration is reduced once more to about half of the values mentioned before. When used in combination with high-powered broncolor light shapers, even fast-moving subjects can be captured.

Thanks to "multi-voltage" Verso A4 can be operated on any mains voltage without problems. Also the characteristics and contrast of the modelling light precisely match those of the final image. The battery package Power Dock has a modelling light of total 650 W on 230 V. On mains power the broncolor Verso A provides modelling light of 3 x 650 W on 200 – 240 V, and 3 x 300 W on 100 -120 V. You will surely never sit in the dark!

The Power Dock offers (almost) unlimited capacity. With normal charging and at full flash output, it provides power for about 240 flashes and on minimum power more than 25’000. If the Power Dock ever runs down, it can be rapidly recharged with the built-in charger.

The broncolor Verso A4 is also available in an RFS ( Radio Frequency System) version, which enables triggering and controlling of the power pack through radio signal. From the extreme compact camera transmitter the flash power can be controlled in whole or in 1/10 f-stop steps.