broncolor Ringflash C with even more lighting features!

The subject is illuminated almost without shadows, with better outline definition. The modelling light eliminates the "redeye" problem and allows (auto) focussing without an additional light in the studio.

The Ringflash is also ideal as a fill light! Because it produces direct light, it brightens up even the deepest dark areas; because the light is hard, subject texture remains visible even in shadows.

New! Three honeycomb grids (ø 198 mm / 107 mm x 22 mm, patent pending) now let you add gradations to the typical Ringflash light. The light is dramatic and atmospheric. Shadow darkness changes depending on honeycomb size. With the asymmetrical adjustment capabilities of the Ringflash, it can be pivoted through a certain angle in the optical axis.

Some technical facts …

To ensure proper co-ordination between the flash and modelling light, the new Ringflash has a halogen modelling light made up of ten small low-voltage lamps totalling 200 W. The modelling lamps and the UV-coated ring-shaped flash tube are covered with a safety grid.

One advantage of this special-effect lamp is its high light output – at 2 meters and 3200 J, f:45 1/10. The heavy-duty flash tube can handle rapid sequences at up to 3200 J. The Ringflash C is suitable for flash series with large power output, due to the high-strength quartz flash tube and the high-power cooling system.

The new Ringflash C offers a bright future for people, fashion and still-life photographers!