Book by DigitalCustom Co-founder/CEO

The book entitled “Get Off The Fence! 10+1 Steps to Help You Make That Big Decision” is published by Health Communications, Inc., a leading publisher of non-fiction books (including the ever-popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series and many other “life issues” books).

Get Off the Fence!, which is co-written by Mr. Makoff and his mother, retired pharmaceutical CEO Rhoda Makoff, Ph.D., sets forth 10 principles for making decisions on major personal and business issues – “plus one”, which is how intuition figures into a decision. Each principle is illustrated by a fascinating, intimate story about a tough decision made by a real person. For smaller businesses, which includes many photo and framing retailers, the book offers valuable advice on the decision whether to start (or exit) a business, decisions concerning employees and career changes. Having spent time in the entrepreunerial, professional and corporate worlds, the authors bring a unique perspective to the process of making major life choices.

The Decision Education Foundation, a California-based non-profit corporation dedicated to improving decision-making skills in society, recently hailed Get Off The Fence! as “a groundbreaking step”. David Reiter, Executive Director of the Decision Education Foundation of Menlo Park, California, said “A mass market book on decision-making is long overdue. For decades, decision-making has been taught in business schools – but the subject is largely ignored for everyone else. ’Get Off The Fence!’ is an engaging, accessible and informative work that will improve people’s choices. The book is a groundbreaking step toward improved decision-making on key life issues, which we hope will lead to more discussion and

better education on both personal and business decision-making in our society.”

Get Off The Fence! is available in bookstores and other retail outlets in the U.S. for $12.95 (paperback). The book Web site (with more information/an interview) is