Better resolution and enhanced movie function: The EXILIM Card EX-S600 by CASIO with movie stabilizer

The One-Touch-Button control panel activates each function with just one hand. The credit card-sized camera is switched on in around 1 second – always ready to make the perfect snapshot or to shoot a movie. The camera switches into the movie mode in a flash through the Direct Movie Button. The compression in the MPEG4 format with total film duration of up to one hour when using a 1GB memory card will give you extra-long film enjoyment. No matter when and where: the EX-S600 is always ready to hand and saves every moment.

Persevering thanks to the Super Life Battery – the combination of fast EXILIM Engine with clearly reduced energy consumption and powerful lithium-ion storage battery enables up to 300 pictures with just one battery charge. This corresponds in analogue cameras to more than eight films with 36 pictures each. So frequent charging becomes a thing of the past.

As with all EXILIM digital camera models, the EX-S600 also has the practical BEST SHOT functions that relieve the owner of time-consuming camera adjustments to special situations. These preset motif programs enable a fast snapshot for an optimised photo. In all, the EX-S600 has over 34 different BEST SHOT functions. The Revive Shot function, which allows already developed photos to be digitally photographed, is very new and deserves a special mention. The function turns out to be particularly practical for older pictures, as it freshens up faded colors using the Color Restoration technology and makes the photo look as good as new in its new digital sheen. Pictures can be photographed directly out of the photo album without damaging them. The trapezium correction automatically adjusts the picture. Memories are preserved for the future and can be passed on thanks to the digital "restoration".

Photos and movies can be viewed through the 2.2-inch bright TFT colour display. Almost twice as bright reproduction in play and record mode than the sister model makes the ultra-compact camera ideal for outside use. If the optional "AUTO" mode is activated, the EX-S600 sets the optimal brightness depending on the surrounding light. This function can also be adjusted by hand.

The USB docking station acts as an interface. Recorded movies and photos can be transferred to the computer via high-speed USB 2.0 or can be viewed directly on the TV screen via AV cable. Pure home entertainment – made possible by the EXILIM Card EX-S600.

Besides the Super Life Battery and docking station with mains adapter, the delivery package also includes USB cable, extensive software on CD-ROM and hand carrying strap. A fast battery charger, portable AV cable for connecting the camera directly with the TV set, as well as camera bags and neck straps and additional comprehensive accessories are available optionally in the latest EXILIM look.

The EXILIM Card EX-S600 in three colors is available at retail since January.