At Photokina Oblò Multimedia introduces new products and exciting services for retailers.

Oblò Multimedia, the leading European developer of advanced multimedia kiosk systems for retailers, will mark its third straight participation to Photokina since the company’s founding in 2001 with the introduction of many exciting new products and services that will help retailers to regain a pivotal role for processing consumer digital images.

This year Oblò’s slogan is "Best Kiosk System for Retailers" to underline the appreciation and support from a fast growing number of customers, already numbering more than 1.000 retailers throughout Europe, that are successfully and profitably operatingOblò advanced kiosk solutions.

All visitors are invited to learn in person how their business could benefit from the new solutions at Oblò’s booth: Halle 10.2, Stand B20 / C21.

The products highlights on display at the Oblò stand are:


The latest generation multimedia kiosk, fast & flexible to deliver all kind of print and multimedia services, including the new photo book.


It takes just 15 minutes to create and deliver on-site beautiful photo books and multi-page photo-calendars. A unique combination of Book & Youontv DVD will amaze customers. The new pocket sized Mini-book is perfect for camera phone snaphots.


Delight your customers with Oblò portrait-posters featuring an automatic artistic "Warhol-effect", which can also be printed on canvas. Gain important revenues from the "Collage" poster, a perfect showcase of your customers’ favourite moments.


Photos & videoclips with music on DVDs – Oblò’s patented system, a success story since 2002!


Archive videoclips on CDs and DVDs or make prints from the best images


Oblò proprietary technology to automatically detect faces and position images for perfect first-run production of photo books, calendars, pop-traits, DVD etc.


Kiosk and operator dual-mode software system for higher up-sell and higher revenues from all orders.


A new exclusive system from Oblò to professionally create at retail a wide variety of gift and specialty items such as: puzzles, mouse-pads, calendars, packages, etc. The ideal complement for the minilab shop, to help retailers expand their profits and increase their customer’s loyalty.

In addition, as part of the "Imaging with mobile devices" seminar program on September 28th, sponsored by Photo Imaging News and IMI Europe, Oblò Multimedia will present a paper on "Creating photo books through kiosks", to emphasize our firm belief that retailers still play the key role in the photo imaging industry and kiosks are their best ally. For information and registration visit:

About Oblò Multimedia

Oblò Multimedia srl, based in Spilimbergo, Italy, is an innovative imaging company that specializes in multimedia digital photo kiosks, designed for retailers. Oblò’s mission is to provide leading edge products and software to the Info-Imaging market, supported by ongoing research and development of concepts that combine technology, creativity, and ergonomic design.