Allen Showalter elected 2012-2013 PMA president

Along with the election of Showalter, other association officers were elected for the 2012-2013 term: Gabrielle Mullinax, Fullerton Photographics Inc., Fullerton, Calif., was moved to president-elect; Mark Klostermeyer, MCPF, Design Frames LLC, Falls Church, Va., was elected vice president; and Robert L. Hanson, Harold’s Photo Center, Sioux Falls, S.D., is the treasurer. Jim Esp was elected executive director/secretary of PMA.

PMA 2010-2012 president Brian Wood, Photovision, Salem, Ore., is a trustee. Serving three-year terms as trustees-at-large are Jason T. Jaslow, Mimosa Digital; Mark Leonard, Dodd Camera; Jerry Sullivan, Precision Camera Inc.; and Richard Yagjian, Hunt’s Photo & Video

Serving two-year terms as trustees-at-large are Roger G. Christian, University Camera; Alan S. Logue, Hutt Street Photos; Aric Snyder Jr., Inter-State Studio and Publishing Co.; and Donald N. Spring Jr., Cavalcade Color Lab. Serving a one-year trustee term is Chris Lydle, CPC, Chris’ Camera Center and Digital Photo.

PMA members also elected national chairpersons to one-year terms:

Australia : Phil J. Gresham, Fotofast

Brasil: Mario Shimoda, Shimoda Photo e Video Ltda.

Canada: Paul Clairmont, Lord Photo Inc.

France: Christophe Coste, Photo Christophe

Germany: Wolfgang Abendroth, CeWe Color AG & Co.

New Zealand: Graham Boswell, Fotofast

Peru: Luis Salas Paredes, Foto A SRL

United Kingdom: Steve Lord, W.B.H. Lord & Sons Ltd

United States: Bill Eklund, Sharp One Hour Photo Auxiliary