Albelli launches photo book service in the UK

"We believe photo books are a great personal product which can be used by promotion partners to build customer loyalty. Photo books are the best way to capture your memories and it is our mission to become the European leader in keeping memories real. More and more photos end up on the consumers computer hard drive and memories are not re-lived. In the current economic climate, consumers will value personal and family related experiences even more. Capturing these great moments of holidays, events with friends or family and seeing their children grown up can be perfectly captured in high quality, long-lasting photo books. We will combine strong online presence with promotion activities to expand our brand in the UK."

According to an in-depth multi-client study, InfoTrends, the leading consulting and market research firm serving the digital imaging and document solutions industry, reports that photo books offer the largest growth opportunity within the photo merchandise market. Based on a consumer survey of 1000+ photo merchandise buyers in Western Europe, InfoTrends projects that this market segment will grow from GBP 255 million in revenue in 2008 to surpass GBP 800 million in 2013. Not only is this segment expected to achieve the greatest growth through 2013, but it already represents the highest source of revenue within the photo merchandise market.