6to5-Scan, extreme 3d photography

The name of the new procedure is 6to5-Scan. Flat, but structured surfaces or small bodies will be scanned. There is a colour and a relief scan. The relief scan is measuring the height of structure or small body exactly. From both informations (colour and shape) will be build up a 6d image in the computer. It can be manipulated in most manifold ways. After this will be calculated a 5d picture, which can be displayed on a monitor or printed with normal colours (YMCK, or others). The result are perfect colour and perfect shape modulated images.

What you get out of this procedure is a better photography! You remember the rule for computers: Garbage in – garbage out! This means for photography: What your camera does not see, you cannot print! Very simple, but the truth is, that a standard photography looses nearly all the 3d informations of the original in the moment, the shot is done! It is the main reason a photography does not look like reality.

Let us have a closer look at the 6to5-Scan procedure. 3d originals send out signals, which will give a human brain a 3d imagination, even if you use only one eye. This signals are nothing else than light to dark vignettes. But the problem is, light to dark vignettes can also be generated by changing of colours. Imagine the colour red of a tulip can change from light red to dark red and this got nothing to do with the shape! So the problem of the classical photography is, it will make a superposition of light to dark vignettes caused by shape and changing colour. Like this, both vignettes are not independent manipulable.

6to5-Scan gets colour and shape independently, so the important vignettes light to dark will also be independent. Like this, they can be treated in a different way to produce the correct imaginations in the brain for colour (colour management) and for shape. It is important to understand: The shape necessary corrections are totally different to the colour corrections.

Dr. Wirth Gravursysteme will show at Photokina a new scanner, which will be able to scan shape and colour independently. Shape and colour will fit exactly. This is the precondition to achieve the 6d image. The results of this new procedure are spectacular. If the virtual height of the flat printed image is adjusted with the correct amplification, then original and print are not distinguishable!

Application range of 6to5-Scan:

Printed Displays:

Laminate: Wood, stone, fantasy

Surface of furnitures: Wood, stone, fantasy

Synthetic flooring: Wood, stone, fantasy

Proofing of datas for embossing





Advertising: Magazines, large printed diplays


Monitors (displays)

TV advertising


6to5-Scan is a quantum leap for photography!

Therefore our slogan is: Think about it! Talk to us! Join the future!