6Sight Future on Imaging Conference in Monterey, CA, USA

Jointly hosted by Future Image Inc., Photo Marketing Association International (PMA) and the Association Executives (AIE), a PMA member association, 6Sight brings togther technologies, marketers, futurists, artists, educators, high-volume users, industry analysts, investors and members of the media for a comprehensive program. The two themes of the 2007 edition are “The Digital Eye” (day one) and “The Visual Voice” (day two). The Digital Eye program will survey and examine state-of-the-art technologies being developed to capture and store data resulting in ultra-high image quality, motion, depth and more. The Visual Voice program will explore the implications of the explosive worldwide mainstreaming of image capture and communication, driven by miniaturization, decreasing costs and communication networks. Opening keynote of day one will be delivered by John Loiacono, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Adobe Creative Solutions Business. The program also includes a panel discussion, featuring leading industry analysts including Paul Worthington and Tony Henning of Future Image; Ron Glaz, Program Director Digital Imaging Solutions & Services at IDC; Steve Hoffenberg, Director of Consumer Imaging Research at Lyra Research Inc.; Marion Knoche, Division Manager Imaging and Optical Products with GfK Marketing Services GmbH; Gary Pageau, Assocfiation Publisher, Content Development and Strategic Initiatives at PMA; and Ed Lee, Director Consumer Services and Digital Photography Trends Service at InfoTrends. The panel discussion will be chaired by Kristy Holch, founder of InfoTrends and one of the foremost imaging industry researchers, who is now an independent writer for Consumer Electronic News.

In preparation for 6Sight, Future Image Inc. has made available a white paper offered by the company‘s analyst Tony Henning entitled “Removing Barriers to Cameraphone Usage”. The 32-page document details the current state of mobile imaging with particular emphasis on the challenges to a wider mainstream usage. The white paper can be downloaded free of charge by clicking the “Request Info” button on the www.6Sight.com website. On the same website more information on the 6Sight Future of Imaging Conference and online registration is available.