6Sight Conference speakers announced

Bill Lloyd, CTO, Eastman Kodak Company, will present the keynote address “Press The Butten 2.0”, in which he will explain how the phrase “You Press the Button, and we do the rest” remains powerful today. Guy Kawasaki, founder of Garage Technology Ventures, will present his view on the strategic direction of business for the next three to five years. Alexis Gerard, founder and president of Future Image, will present his “6Sight Perspective“, a big picture view of the challenges and opportunities facing the imaging industry. Paul Worthington, Future Image analyst, will present the “State of the Camera Industry” and host the “Future of Cameras” cluster of sessions, which will explore the features and capabilities expected in the next generations of both entry-level point-and-shoot devices and sophisticated DSLRs.

To get more information about the 6Sight program and the list of speakers, please visit www.6Sight.com.