May 20, 2019

Medwork is a successfull manufacturer of endoskopic instruments based in der German State of Bavaria.

Fujifilm acquires German endoscopic instrument manufacturer

On May 16, 2019, Fujifilm Corporation entered into an agreement on May 16 with medwork GmbH of Höchstadt/Aisch, Germany, the company that develops, manufactures and markets instruments for therapeutic and diagnostic endoscopy. When the transaction is completet, the company will operate as a fully-owned subsidiary of the Fujifilm group. Fujilm siad in a press release the acquisition marks the company's full-scale entry into the endoscopic instrument business, adding it will continue to meet diverse needs at the medical frontline, improving the quality of healthcare and contributing to the promotion of people's health.

Endoscopic instruments are medical devices used in combination with endoscopes for applications such as resecting a tumor in the digestive system and used in the gastroenterology and other departments. They are mostly single-use products.

Based in the German State of Bavaria, medwork is known for its high quality products, used in endoscopic treatments on bile duct, pancreatic duct and digestive tract, and an extensive lineup catering to a wide range of applications including lithotrity, polypectomy and biopsy, distributed in Europe and Asia, including Japan. In Europe, the company has built a solid reputation by offering swift delivery services, including same-day delivery.

medwork’s product range supplements Fujifilm’s endoscopy business which comprises various products inclusing solutions for easy-to-use diagnosis and reduced physical strains on patients, as well as endoscopic systems that incorporate high contrast imaging functions to facilitate the identification of small lesions. High-contrast imaging functions include BLI (Blue Light Imaging), which highlights fine blood vessels and structures in mucosal surface of organs, and LCI (Linked Color Imaging), which accentuates subtle tonal differences in red coloration in endoscopic images.

As for endoscopic instruments, the company has supplied instruments mainly for minimally-invasive treatment called ESD (endoscopic submucosal dissection). The acquisition of medwork enables Fujifilm to  leverage the relationship it has fostered with medical practitioners in various countries through its endoscopic business, collaborate with medwork in developing innovative products and distribute the instruments around the world through the its global sales networks.

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