February 18, 2019

Employees to take over Tetenal

Following the decision to liquidate Tetenal Europe GmbH, a group of employees has submitted an offer to the insolvency administrator to purchase the intellectual property, brand and means of production of their former employer. The team led by Stefania Grimme, Carsten Gehring, Burkhardt Müller and Norbert Köster-Beestermöller wants to focus on the rescue of analogue photochemistry, claiming to have received an overwhelmingly positive feedback from former employees, enthusiasts of analog photography all over the world, but also from commercial users and customers of the insolvent Tetenal Europe GmbH.

Industry partners from all over the world – from California in the west to Japan in the east – have signaled support the establishment of the New Tetenal as an innovative and reliable partner in Germany, according to a press release. Numerous meetings to concretize future cooperation have already been scheduled.

According to the founders of the New Tetenal, the insolvency administrator, Dr. Sven-Holger Undritz, was pleased to receive the offer of the founding team in the offices of the legal firm, White & Case, in Hamburg. The legal counsels of the administrator and the founding team are now setting a  roadmap for the next steps.

Following the planned exit production by the insolvent Tetenal Europe, it is planned to start operations of the new company on April 1, 2019. “From the beginning of March, it will be possible for customers and cooperation partners of New Tetenal to place orders that are a prerequisite for starting production in the new start-up company from 1 April,” explained Carsten Gehring and Burkhardt Müller.

“We know where we come from and understand the responsibility for 172 years of photo history,” added Burkhardt Müller. “Together with the global photo community and the remaining key partners in the analog photography industry, we will re-launch proven products, ensure supply to the film and photography studios, and develop entirely new business models, products and services in the future.”

The foreign subsidiaries of the insolvent Tetenal Europe will be supplied by the New Tetenalis without uninterruptions.

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