August 21, 2018

Taopix: New range of professional services

Taopix, the world’s leading provider of Photo Commerce Software launches a range of professional services to help customers succeed at every stage of their photo commerce journey.

According to a press release, the photo commerce and personalisation market is growing at a rate that makes differentiation for direct to consumer brands more and more difficult. As barriers to entry get lower for non print manufacturers and more ecommerce centric players enter the market, the need to focus on the business holistically is increasingly important for everyone competing in the space.
Based on growing demand from its customers and ever-greater complexity in the market, Taopix has formally launched a professional services division to compliment its market leading photo commerce software platform.
“Taopix has been supporting its ever growing customer base with a whole variety of services pretty much since the company was formed, 11 years ago.” said Nigel Lee, Executive Chairman at Taopix. “Having more than 300 customers in 61 countries gives us a unique perspective on what constitutes a successful photo commerce business, from planning and inception, to launch, to on-going growth and development.’ continued Lee. “It is of paramount importance to us that our customers are as successful as they can be and with the experience we have gathered in more than a decade leading the industry, our expertise is of enormous value to our user community,” said Lee.
Taopix has always provided comprehensive training as part of the licensing of its software but has decided to formally extend its services in to a portfolio designed to proactively support its customers in every step of their journey. To lead this initiative Taopix has appointed its former technical services manager, Ollie Renshaw as Global Head of Professional Services.
“Ollie has a 360 degree view of all of our customers, old and new. His expertise in the product, the needs of our customers, and the market in general are second to none. Ollie’s commitment to excellence and a genuine desire to see our customer’s succeed make him the ideal person to lead this initiative,” concluded Lee.

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