Fujifilm: Firmware updates for EF-X500 flash

As a result of an occurance of the alkaline batteries in the flash unit becoming very hot when the EF-X500 is in stand-by mode, Fujifilm announced to release firmware updates.

According to a press release, the phenomena below could occur in the aforementioned instances:

1. The applicable EF-X500 flash unit does not properly respond to turn on from stand-by mode.

2. The alkaline batteries may become increasingly hot. If you try to take the batteries out of the EF-X500 flash unit without turning the flash off and/or disconnecting the flash unit from the camera and letting the batteries cool down, a skin burn could occur.

A firmware upgrade is now available to address and prevent this potential occurrence in relevant EF-X500 units.

Accordingly, Fujifilm recommend that applicable product owners upgrade their EF-X500 flash firmware to version 1.02 which is posted on the firmware download site.

The serial numbers of the flashes which requires this firmware upgrade can be checked at If the serial number is not applicable, the firmware of the EF-X500 flash unit does not need upgrading.

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