June 9, 2017

Digility celebrates its second Edition

July 5 - 6, 2017, the second edition of Digility,  Europ’s largest conference and expo for digital realities, will take place at the congress Centre North of Koelnmesse, Cologne, Germany. After last year’s successful premiere with 1,000 international attendees from 32 countries and 70+ speakers covering new developments and rapidly growing digital markets, the event will focus on topics such as augmented and virtual reality, mixed reality, wearable computing, 360° imaging, 3D developments and artificial intelligence. For the very first time, together with its main sponsor Audi and partners like HTC, Vectorform and Salt n’Pepper, Digility will organize a 32-hour-hackathon, and thereby establish a third program pillar in addition to the conference and the exposition.

At the conference, internationally renowned thought leaders such as Jody Medich (Singularity University), Prof. Mel Slater (eventLAB / Virtual Body Works), Bianca Jürgens (Mercedes-Benz), Yobie Benjamin (Avegant), Jay Donovan (TechCrunch), Rosa Riera (Siemens), Hervé Fontaine (HTC) and Dominic Eskofier (NVIDIA) will present their visions, demonstrate practical applications for AR/VR/MR, and provide insights into immersive technologies and innovations. 

Jody Medich, previously Principal Experience Designer on the HoloLens Project at Microsoft and Principal UX at LEAP Motion, will show that cognitive ergonomics can significantly reduce the mental burden of Human Machine Interface. Prof. Mel Slater will provide ideas how virtual reality can enhance human life. His research is focused on the understanding of how VR can change perceptions about our human being. Yobie Benjamin, Technology Pioneer at the World Economic Forum and co-founder of Avegant, will explain which underlying technology is driving our experience of wearable technologies. Rosa Riera will share insights into the launch of Siemens’ new employer brand, which was released by a series of VR documentaries.

The rapidly growing AR/VR industry increases a need for stable hardware and software solutions, business models, market shares and investment funding, Kolenmesse said in a press release. Therefore, Digility 2017 offers an open platform which features opportunities in developments for brands, enterprises, mid-size companies and chances for startups and investors. Highlights will be the presentation of Mercedes-Benz’ VR engineering research and implementations; innovations ranging from Innoactive’s Holocloud - a VR collaboration tool for enterprises - to Media Markt Saturn’s retail solutions, which will already present an outlook to the future: robots will guide the customers, Augmented and Virtual Reality will merge on- and offline worlds to new experiences; and artificial intelligence (AI) will help the clients to find what they are really looking for.  At the Digility exposition, various companies, startups and scientific institutions will showcase hands-on experiences, their latest products and services.

In several workshops, Digility attendees will learn about new developing tools, hardware solutions and design thinking methods. Topics range from „Creating Cinematic VR Content“, „How to identify a meaningful VR product for your business“ to „Interactive 360° VR Experiences in minutes“. 

Designed as the knowledge generator of the event, the first Digility hackathon starts on July 5 and will last 32 hours non-stop. Developers, ‘hackers’ and all interested talents are invited to work together on the advantages of physical collaboration, manipulating and prototyping shared objects in three dimensions, shared spatial cognition, natural interfaces, the use of hands and gestures to communicate and collaborate, and communication advantages of seeing body language and facial expressions. 

“Audi believes this is an important moment to explore the current state of virtual collaboration, interaction and UX/UI design in these technologies, and is proudly sponsoring the Digility Hackathon 2017, said Jan Pflüger and Jens Angerer, Center of Competence AR&VR / ProductionLab. „Audi is supporting this challenge to prototype new ideas quickly, bring new talent together, and help the European xR scene develop.”

To attend the hackathon, pre-registration is necessary on

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